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Bijay SapkotaBijay SapkotaBijay Sapkota
Empowering Youth
Sydney, Australia
(10am - 05pm)

International Student Advocate

Powerful, thought provoking and charismatic speaker, leader and advocate.

Bijay Sapkota

Speaker Engagement

An experienced and engaging keynote speaker. Bijay Sapkota has delivered more than a hundred presentations and memorable speeches in front of large audiences at various university orientations, conferences, panel discussions, seminars, meetings on issues commonly faced by international students. His speeches are tailored to the specific needs, concerns and challenges faced by International Students.


Inspired by his thought leadership, Bijay Sapkota was appointed as the National President of Council of International Students Australia (CISA) to lead for change through his lived experiences in making a difference in the lives of international students. His leadership qualities has empowered him to participate in several conferences, seminars, workshops and in-house meetings.


Bijay Sapkota is a trusted advisor for Universal Thought Consult and has previously advised several student associations particularly Queensland International Institute (QII), Council of International Students Australia (CISA) and International Nepalese Student Association (INSA) in improving the quality of lives of International students in Australia. Bijay provides free and confidential student wellbeing advisory services.

Consult Australia's leading speaker, leader and advocate.

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Connect with me because:

  • I have been an International student myself and can understand and empathize from their perspective
  • Collaborated with Universities, student associations and government institutions to make a difference in student lives
  • Recognized by StudyNSW for community involvement and exceptional student support services
Public Speaking

Facts and Acheivements

Bijay has been recognised for his outstanding community service, exceptional speaking and for leading and organising several events and conferences. 

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