In addition to advocating for student rights and possessing leadership qualities, Bijay Sapkota has been recognised for his contributions, service and involvement towards supporting International students and responding in favour of their wellbeing.

He was awarded the National Excellence award in recognition of his exceptional service as the National President of CISA and for his commitment towards improving the lives of International students. 

New South Wales recognised Mr. Sapkota, from Kathmandu, Nepal as the International Student of the year in 2016 for this involvement in raising more than $40,000 for Nepalese families during the Nepal Earthquake in 2015. His contributions in the fund-raising project further helped in building strong connections between Australian and Nepalese communities. He is a born leader, committed to community engagement, and a role model for Nepalese youths studying and living in Australia. 

Bijay Sapkota was nominated as one of the finalists for NSW International Student Awards in 2016 for his constructive role in building strong connections between Nepalese and Australian community together. He achieved this for this active involvement with UTS Nepalese Society and Help Nepal Network. He also participated in various fundraising programmes organised by the Non-Resident Nepalese Association in the aftermath of the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal last year, killing nearly nine thousand people.