Bijay Sapkota is one of Australia’s most trusted leader and well recognised for his gifted ability to lead himself, others and societal change. Inspired by his thought leadership, He has been appointed as the National President of Council of International Students Australia (CISA) to lead for change through his lived experiences in improving the lives of International students. His exceptional leadership qualities has empowered him to participate in several conferences, seminars, workshops and in-house meetings.

He has set an example for others through his thought-provoking, attention grabbing leadership style that has inspired people to create real change. He is without a doubt one of the most influential leaders and professional speakers of all times. 

CISA organised the Employability webinar with the intention to educate International students and skilled graduates with the hiring process. It also focussed on utilising student skills for business innovation.

Representative of CISA, Bijay Sapkota met with representatives of Australian Qualifications Framework Review (AQF)  to discuss the importance of credit recognition of co-curricular activities and issues around the accreditation of institutions.

 CISA has advocated in various student protests to show solidarity against students concerns and challenges. Bijay Sapkota spoke in favor of students at the Food Delivery riders protest against low pay and poor conditions riders face. 

CISA President, Bijay grasps every opportunity in the interest of bettering student’s lives. He discusses student issues with Jack Boutros from Unions NSW surrounding Workplace Exploitation and Travel Concession and explores opportunities for collaboration.

Bijay has a track record of connecting with student associations, organisations and representatives to collaborate in favor of international students rights and wellbeing. He spoke to Nepalese diplomats and community representatives to discuss their efforts in support of International Students.

National President ,Bijay Sapkota participated in Universities Australia Higher education conference in Canberra to speak about the future of education.

CISA welcomed the Education minister at its final assembly meeting to throw some light on the International education sector of Australia. As part of the discussion, Bijay Sapkota expressed his viewpoints about the education sector and voiced concerns in the best interests of students.

ISANA, a student representative body organised a student centric program to raise awareness about the safety and wellbeing of International students. As part of the program, Bijay Sapkota expressed his support for students by talking about Workplace Exploitation and International Students Engagement in Institutional Governance/Decision Making.

Bijay Sapkota takes the podium at Tesco Conference 2018 along with other National Presidents of Student Representative bodies to discuss the importance of student engagement in institutional governance and value of investment that International students make coming to Australia. 

Bijay Sapkota took the lead in organising the first ever International Student Success forum (ISSF) at the University of Sydney to discuss the Importance of Student Engagement in Institutional Governance & Workplace Exploitation Issues and resolutions.

Bijay Sapkota delivered a powerful presentation at the English Australia Conference about the international student experiences while touching briefly upon their social, academic and professional lives in Australia.

Bijay Sapkota highlights CISA’s key priorities that includes focussing on International Student engagement in universities to better comprehend student issues while improving the quality and reputation of the institution.

CISA President Bijay Sapkota and Vice President Ralph Teodoro with Study Perth staff, CISA W.A State Advisory Committee in Perth, Western Australia – negotiated the terms and discussed potential opportunities on how to best blossom the next CISA National conference.

CISA Hour is celebrated to embrace the rich diversity of Australia by interacting with people from different backgrounds and getting a taste of authentic cuisines from around the world. To commemorate this auspicious occasion, Bijay Sapkota delivers an opening speech to welcome International students and thank them for their presence at the event. He further enlightens International students on their significant contribution to the Australian economy and future prospects for their career development in Australia. 

CISA National President, Bijay Sapkota was invited to the student voice summit at UTS: University of Technology, Sydney along with student leaders across Australia to discuss how students can be influential within their institutions. Some of the topics covered in the summit included: accommodating External and under-represented students, Value for investment and Return from Institutions, Student success and retention, Engagement of students in institutional governance, Further Training and development for Student leaders, Benefits of Independence for Student associations/guilds and unions.

Bijay Sapkota coupled with other CISA representatives attended the Victoria State Committee Information session at Study Melbourne Student Centre to enlighten attendees about what CISA and its purpose. Bijay adds, the purpose of CISA is to advocate for the interests and needs of International Students, provide a medium for consulting and engaging with International students, facilitating network building among stakeholders with an interest in supporting international students.

 CISA National President, Bijay Sapkota was invited at Australian International Education Conference in 2018 to talk about the employment, career prospects and future of International Students in Australia. He further enlightens International students on their significant contribution to the Australian economy.

 CISA marks a historic moment by signing the long due MOU with ISANA which has been in discussion for two long years. This MOU will be pivotal to the collaboration between CISA and ISANA for the betterment of International students in Australia, says Bijay.

 Bijay Sapkota discuses about the advantages and setbacks concerning the recent surge in the International students moving to regional and preferring to study in regional institutions. He suggests that relaxing lifestyle, personalised university experience, beautiful natural scenery and additional perks for migration are among the top reasons International students favour regional institutions over studying in major cities.

CISA National President Bijay Sapkota reveals a Case study on unique challenges and recent findings related to International students and bullying/mental health issues at a conference in Sydney.